& Affect


The future can no longer just be about profit and property companies can no longer afford to simply think about property.

Creating places and prosperity are the outcomes of our effort; they are our "affect", our "what and how".

Having a positive impact on the planet and people, through creating places and prosperity, is our Cause, our "why?"

& Return

We feel a sense of urgency around our responsibility in addressing the climate emergency.

The built environment contributes 40% to global emissions and urbanisation continues apace.

We believe passionately that the answer lies in championing design and innovation; refurbishing where we can, building responsibly where we can’t, seeking expertise and excellence always.

& again

Our Cause is patient as well as urgent.

Our ambition is to nurture the ideas that inspire the loved places of the future.

Our goal is an ability to sustain growth; lasting and shared prosperity over short term profit.

Putting the future in place, through time well spent for the generations to come.