Art Creates Place - An interview with Esther O’Kelly

Esther O Kelly HR
We are unwavering in our commitment to working with the communities in which we deliver projects but sometimes it’s not easy to find an accessible route to engagement, particularly for projects that don’t require detailed consultation through the planning process.
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"We Believe…"; a manifesto for Corporate Activism.

"We Believe…"; a manifesto for Corporate Activism. This post marks two significant events – all deeply personal for myself, Patrick O’Gorman and Richard Walker as individuals and as co-owners of Bywater. The fact that they have coincided is no more than a reflection of a series of commonly and passionately held principles.
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How to Avoid Climate Disaster

Jamie beard bywater blog apr 2021 illustration 768x768
How to avoid climate disaster? Imagine a conversation with your children’s children.
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Belfast's Moment

Belfast has been building toward its ‘moment’ for 20 years, and Bywater’s Patrick O’Gorman’s glass is most definitely half full.
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