MW Occupier Handbook

We have produced this document as a brief introduction to McLellan Works, how the building works, who does what and who to contact if you need help.

Bywater Properties is the owner of McLellan Works and is proud to have repurposed and reimagined this iconic block for the 21st Century.

Bywater is a privately owned property company with a simple manifesto that underpins all of its activities:-

To create future-facing sustainable buildings that are both loved and deliver strong returns for our co-investors.

To be personally committed, fully investing ourselves through energy, a dedication to sustainability and our own money.

To deliver exceptional urban projects with city-scale impact and a sustainable, worthwhile difference.

McLellan Works Philosophy

Our principle objective is to create an exceptional urban environment which is managed sustainably, for future generations within Glasgow. Buildings are made, but the people within them make them and that is where we will build a community that will grow from individuals.

At Bywater we want to give the businesses and the people that we work with the best possible start in all of our buildings.

Bywater Properties' investment has ensured that McLellan Works is once again a loved place, a place for change-makers and entrepreneurs where ideas can form and emerging businesses can be developed.

We firmly believe in inclusivity for all, we do not accept discrimination in any form at McLellan Works and we want this to run through every corner of the building by creating a unified experience and ethos. Workplace diversity brings different perspectives and innovation, and we have created a place where everyone can belong, where they can perform to their full potential no matter their background, identity or circumstances.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and that is expressed in how we have approached the refurbishment of this building, as well as how we intend to operate the building.

At McLellan Works we want to do all we can to work towards achieving Net Carbon Zero and to help our occupiers achieve this in their own activities.

Sustainability has been considered in every detail from the services we procure, to the energy supplied, the way we approach waste and the materials used within the refurbishment. This is true right down to the detail of the furniture within the common parts of the building which has been sourced with the help of C2 Concepts and Rype Office who specialise in remanufacturing furniture preventing it from ending up in landfill, and reduce the embodied carbon of much of the furniture in the building.

To achieve our ambition of delivering a sustainable building which works towards Net Carbon Zero and positively contributes to the local social environment, we need occupiers of the building to embrace this alongside us.

McLellan Works better together.

Giving your people the best start in our building

Our formula of a high quality refurbishment with the best quality service-led management of the building, regular communication with all occupiers, and technical expertise should result in a safe, secure and yet bespoke office environment for the future.

Creating the best environment for our people

We do not accept discrimination in any form at McLellan Works from our tenants or their visitors whether it be racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other disrespect and we reserve the right to remove anyone from the building or restrict access to anyone who does not follow this.

Mental Health

At McLellan Works we care about the mental health and wellbeing of people in the building, both our direct employees and your employees based in the building.

We have partnered with a mental health charity who will help us to bring a range of support to our tenants as part of a collaboration that we are currently developing. More information will be shared with tenants during the coming months.

Physical Health

At McLellan Works we encourage the physical wellbeing of our direct employees and those based in the building.

Glasgow is a great city for running, whether it be at lunchtime or as a replacement for the commute to or from McLellan Works. We have 7 showers and changing facilities in our basement for our runners to use.

A selection of great routes to challenge runners of all abilities can be found at –

Not only is cycling a great form of exercise but its good for the environment as well. Cycling has the lowest impact on the environment of any means of commuting at 21g CO2e per person per km (walking is estimated at 56g CO2e!). We have provided 5 “pool” bikes in our basement for occupiers to be used on a first come first served basis.

Stacey McLean at reception can help you with access to one if you want to use them.

Glasgow is a great city to eat healthy in and the following links provide access to some tips if you are feeling peckish.


The building is located at:

274 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HE

MW Map

You will receive a big McLellan Works welcome from the Stacey McLean who leads the LSH reception team at the entrance to the building on Sauchiehall Street.

Visitors will be required to report to the main reception, both for security and also in the event of an emergency, before being directed to Tenants’ premises. Tenants will have their own pass cards for 24/7 access. These can be obtained via reception with 48 hours’ notice.


Welcome to the McLellan Works a brand new exciting workspace for the next generation of entrepreneurs, a workspace fit for the future.

Let’s start with a brief history of why this iconic building is so important on the Glasgow streetscape. Dating back to 1855, it was built by James Smith and the famous dome and shopfronts were added in 1905 by Frank Burnet, and Sauchiehall Street became the go-to destination in Glasgow. McLellan Works, or Breckenridge House as it was known then, suffered a fire in 1988 which caused the rear to be rebuilt behind the façade. The building has been lovingly restored and refurbished retaining the listed façade to create an incredible next generation workspace for Glasgow’s creatives. Sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of what we do at McLellan.


When Bywater acquired the building it the office accommodation and the central core areas were tired, dated and in need of a refresh. Alongside main contractor AKP Scotland Ltd and Trident Building Consultancy, and with support from Stallan Brand (Architects), C2 Concepts (Interior Designers) and Graphical House (Graphic Designers), Bywater has completely refurbished the first and third floors of the building and the entire façade.

The internal spaces have been partially stripped back to the original frame of the building and partially refurbished and redecorated with clean lines and open spaces all around. The façade has been repaired and cleaned and new shopfronts installed on the ground floor retail units. The main feature of the building is a brand new entrance that provides a beautiful space for you to welcome visitors in, including a new café.

McLellan Works is not a standard building, it is special in so many ways, and you are at the heart of our future to make the building a Community of the future.

Space Plan Examples

First Floor

First Floor Space Plan 1 8
Mc Lellan Work Office Suite Screenshot
Mc Lellan Works Mezzanine Screenshot
Mc Lellan Work Corridor Screenshot
Mc Lellan Work Office Suite Screenshot 2

Third Floor

Third1 Floor Space Plan 1 8
Third2 Floor Space Plan 1 8

East Wing 1:8 density, West Wing 1:10 density

Mc Lellan Works Third Floor Screenshot

Who's Who

The Mclellan works management team

Lambert Smith Hampton will be the managing agent for McLellan Works on behalf of Bywater Properties and is the first port of call for any questions / issues you may have on the day-to-day operational running of the building.

Although the management team is responsible for the common part areas in the building they will assist occupiers during the tenant fit-out stage and contractor access.

Our Team

Stacey is located on the front desk at McLellan Works and will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have whether it is where to find the bike facilities or where the lunchtime running routes are

Peter is on hand to respond to any questions you may have on your lease or service charge and is effectively the owner’s representative for you.

Neil is available if for any reason you cannot get hold of Peter or the rest of the LSH team.

Richard is available to answer any accountancy questions, related to your bills.


Sustainability is integral to our approach, and at McLellan Works we would like to work collaboratively with our occupiers to deliver a building which targets Net Carbon Zero in the future and has an overall positive environmental and social impact.

At McLellan Works we want to give the businesses and the people that we work with the best possible start so how have we addressed sustainability to date?

Operational Energy

We procure 100% renewable energy direct from wind and solar farms through our supplier Good Energy. Good Energy matches all the electricity that you use with electricity sourced purely from renewable sources. We also use their gas tariff, where emissions from the gas you use will be neutralised through their investment in verified carbon reduction projects.

We monitor and report on all of our energy consumption to increase awareness and identify opportunities to reduce demand.

We have installed smart building technology across the plant in the property to ensure that energy waste is kept to a minimum, that the building’s operation matches it’s occupation, and that the management team are alerted if there is a fault on the system.

As part of the original building refurbishment project we have installed new central plant for energy efficient VRV comfort cooling.

In addition to comfort cooling there is also natural ventilation provided via the restored sash windows and Velux’s in the 3rd floor.

Two new energy efficient KONE 13 person lifts have been installed as part of the refurbishment of the building.

The lighting throughout it LED and is controlled with PIR sensors.

Embodied Carbon

To reduce the impact of using further embodied carbon materials, we undertook a refurbishment project rather than a redevelopment of the site.

Instead of purchasing new furniture for the common spaces in the building and our marketing suite, we have procured a refurbished furniture package from C2 Concepts and Rype Office.

Further information is contained within the Bywater Furniture and Fitout Guide which can be provided to tenants on request and we encourage you to use remanufactured furniture and fitout where possible throughout McLellan Works.

Adopting new methods of reducing embodied carbon are considered throughout our ongoing management of the building.


All of the suppliers used to service the building have been considered from a sustainability perspective and reviewed against our sustainable procurement policy. Suppliers transport to and from the site, the products that they use, and the services that they undertake have all been included in this review process.

We have a zero to landfill policy for waste services.

We will continue to monitor waste production at the building to ensure that we have sufficient separation options available.

Through the management of the building we will look to promote a reduction in waste generation, an increase in recycling rates, and to minimise the production of waste that cannot be either reused or recycled.


To promote cycling to and from the site 24 bicycle racks have been provided in the basement along with a repair station, bicycle rental options, shower facilities and lockers. Further assistance with regards to cycling in and around Glasgow can be found at

Two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points are located in the basement car park at McLellan Works. Car Park licenses can be offered subject to availability and further information on the EV points is available from LSH.

There is a Car Club parking space within easy walking distance of McLellan Works on Rose Street – further information is available at

There are three train stations located within walking distance of the building (Glasgow Central, Queen Street and Charing Cross) as well as several bus stops.

We will continue to monitor transport methods to and from the building to continually promote low carbon transport methods.

Green taxis, reception can order for use which have a fleet of electric taxis which operate with zero carbon emissions. EV taxis seat up to 6 people, are fully wheelchair accessible and have USB and power socket charging facilities.

How can we work with you on sustainability going forwards?

We believe we have given you the best start at McLellan Works with our approach to both embodied and operational carbon reduction and our Net Carbon Zero aspirations, however we want you to be part of this and work alongside us during your stay.

From the outset we have a green lease that we are using to reflect our commitment to sustainability, and formalise our agreement to collaborate on this topic.

We aim to hold sustainability meetings annually to discuss opportunities to improve the buildings performance with you – LSH will also be available to discuss this throughout the year if you contact them directly.

We would like to make efficient use of supplier’s trips to the building, thus reducing the total carbon footprint of the building by reducing the number of deliveries. See our supplier list for milk/consumables deliveries, printing/stationary supplies, and local suppliers.

We encourage you to adopt our green procurement guidelines which cover everything from fruit, to office milk supplies and cleaning products.

If you or your employees would like inspiration for a lunch time walk/run/cycle we have route suggestions available at reception. We can also support building activity groups (run clubs etc.) if of interest!

Need a taxi? We can order you an electric taxi from reception, or else suggest a travel route via foot, pedal power or public transport.

We are open to suggestions, feedback and opportunities to engage with you on this - please let us know via LSH.


To recycle effectively we need to have a simple structure that is intuitive to use. We ask occupiers not to use wastepaper bins under desks. Rather we advocate the use of a single recycling station within the main office. This station will contain receptacles for recyclable waste and other waste. This system has several great benefits.

It encourages staff to get up from their desk and walk to the waste station. This assists with exercise, helps combat repetitive strain injury and encourages communication with other staff members.

People opt for convenience; if there is a bin under their desk, they are likely to use it without segregating the waste. This system ensures greater compliance.

It also makes it much easier for cleaners and waste removal firms (other elements in the chain) to differentiate between waste types and to subsequently load this waste into the correct external bin for recycle / collection.

This recycling station system also works in a kitchen environment. The landlord will provide 2 x recycling stations (one for your kitchen and one for the main office floor). The kitchen will also feature an organic recycling station (brown bin) In order for the system to flow smoothly the lines of responsibility need to be clean and effective. In order to achieve this, we strongly recommend that occupiers use the same cleaning contractors, and the landlord uses for the common areas. Experience has taught us when these roles are outsourced to different companies, that communication and responsibility can often break down and may result in reduced recycling rates, which of course neither occupiers nor landlord want to hear.

We also recommend that clear bin bags are used as this makes identification of waste significantly easier.

Surprisingly, many people do not know what is recyclable and what is not. Take away coffee cups for instance are often not recyclable although many people mix them with dry paper waste believing they are. Fluid from take away cups can contaminate dry paper waste and prevent it from being recycled. This highlights the importance of education in recycling. Some coffee cups are compostable and should go in the brown bin for organic waste. We will provide guidance for recycling in poster form above each recycling station.

Recycling advice

At McLellan Works we employ the services of a waste management service provider, with state-of-the-art recycling facilities have been employed to revolutionise the way we deal with recycling and greatly increase the recovery of materials from all incoming waste streams.

All mixed dry recyclable waste is taken to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and automatically sorted. It is expected that up to 85-95% of waste sorted via this method will be reclaimed. All un-reclaimed waste is incinerated via a Waste to Energy (WtE) solution, providing electricity back to the National Grid.

Coffee pods and grinds can be recycled via

Sustainable Suppliers

If you have any recommendations please feel free to share these with LSH and we will include them in updates to this Tenant Handbook.

Green Energy Provision

We procure the energy at McLellan Works via Good Energy who only use certified renewable sources. For more information see

The new plant installed as part of our refurbishment also provides an energy efficient operation. By working with our occupiers we aim to assist in providing an energy efficient use of the building, monitoring plant use times, and occupier use to ensure both the most cost effect and sustainable use of the building.

Remanufactured Fit out and Furniture

C2 Concepts and Rype Office have been used as circular economy fit out and furnishing experts. They have provided high quality remanufactured office furniture and exciting furniture made from waste. Both save money and carbon emissions. Again we would like to introduce you to them to see if they can assist in your office fit-out too.

Cleaning products / services

Our cleaners use eco products and electric vehicles to access the city, whilst encouraging staff to use public transport to get to work and suppliers adopt our green procurement policy.

Bike Pool Scheme have provided bikes for use in the basement area, which can be borrowed for free from reception.


We encourage all occupiers to use similar suppliers whether it be for milk, fruit, stationery, this is to reduce the number of journeys into the city centre.

We also suggest the use of the following suppliers, all of who have local sustainability at heart. Once again, we are open to suggestions, feedback and opportunities to engage with you on this - please let us know if you would like us to add any suppliers to this list.

Milk to supply milk from family farms and is 100% UK owned dairy co-operative with farms audited on the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme.


Stationery - please contact us for account details.


LSH will provide a high quality and responsive service on behalf of the landlord at McLellan Works. They will communicate effectively with all parties, managing the services below in the common part areas, whilst also ensuring compliance with lease terms. General maintenance includes:


VRV heating, comfort cooling and climate control

Lighting in communal areas

Fire safety

Health and safety

Covid Compliance

24 hour securitised digital access controls, and CCTV

Cleaning of common part areas and toilets, including window cleaning externally and pest control

Refuse and recycling management

Security and Reception

Lobby café and break out areas

Bike store and repair station

Spa style changing facilities and lockers

External reactive fabric maintenance

Basement car parking spaces

Signage in common parts

Utilities procurement and recharging – the metering strategy is available on request


The on-site LSH team will work hard to keep the spaces clean and tidy for everyone visiting or working in the building. Occasionally things don’t quite go right and if that is the case please let Stacey at reception know so they can action immediately.

Out of hours please use the emergency line or log any issues on the occupier portal OSP.

Emergency Contact Centre Elogbooks

IT Support / WiFi

Zetta Connect provide support for all of the IT and communications within McLellan Works.

Please contact LSH who will arrange for Zetta to assist you should you have any problems.

Our receptionist, Stacey McLean, will be available for occupier information to make your life easier:

Umbrellas to borrow

Bike pool scheme

Tenant emergency pack

Booking green taxis

Running routes / walking routes

Public transport updates

Dry cleaning


Food deliveries


Nearest Hospital - Glasgow Royal Infirmary 84, Castle Street is 1.1 miles from McLellan Works. Dental Hospital is on Sauchiehall Street is 0.1miles.

Nearest Doctors Surgery - Queens Crescent Surgery at 10 Queens Crescent is 0.5 miles.

Nearest Hotels - Doubletree by Hilton 0.1 miles, Easy Hotel 0.1 miles and Citizen M 0.2 miles.

Nearest Train Stations - Cowcaddens Subway 0.2 miles, Charing Cross Scotrail 0.3 miles, Buchanan Street subway 0.4 miles and Glasgow Central station is 0.5 miles.

Nearest Gyms - Pure Gym, Bath Street 0.6 miles and 3D Health & Fitness Cambridge Street 0.2 miles.

Nearest Bus Stops - Dalhousie Street, Douglas street and Bath Lane.

Deliveries and Visitors

When deliveries arrive at the building, reception will sign for items unless otherwise instructed. Neither the Landlord nor its Managing Agents, nor their contractors’ representatives, can be held responsible for any loss or damage, which may occur to any items or goods delivered to the Building or to those items or goods during attempted delivery to the Building.

Deliveries of large, bulky or heavy materials will be advised in advance to the Security/Managing Agents which may need special consideration. The Tenants’ will make good to the Managing Agents satisfaction any damage caused by such deliveries

Post will be delivered to the building, and our Receptionist will contact the tenants upon arrival to collect from Reception

Bike Access

The bike storage / maintenance area is in the basement accessed from the vehicle door on Rose Street. Access fobs can be provided to those wishing to use the facility. There is CCTV and access control, however, bikes are packed at owners risk and should not be left over night. Any bikes left and not claimed will be donated to a local charity.

Bike Pool Scheme

We provide ‘Elephant Bikes’ provided for the use of occupiers, sourced via which refurbishes ex Postie Bikes in the UK and for every bike purchased donates a similar bike to Krizevac project in Malawi.

Our bikes are there for your use, and can be signed out via our receptionist on a first come first served basis. If the bikes go missing the tenant will be charged at cost.

Look at their amazing story on - and

Krizevac project

Car Parking

The building does have excellent public transport connections, and we would strongly recommend all occupiers encourage their staff and visitors to use this as much as possible to minimise carbon emissions in the City, however, there will be times when a car / van is required.

The car park in the basement accessed from Rose Street. Please contact the managing agents if there is a requirement for any spaces which have a height limit on vehicles of 2.05M.

There is also a fully accessible space for those with a disability, which can be reserved for your convenience through reception.

We also provide two charging points for Electric Vehicles at McLellan Works, access to them is arranged via reception.


We strongly recommend that the stairs at either wing of McLellan Works are used as much as possible to get the maximum benefit for staff of keeping both their mind and body agile and active.

We do however, also have 2 brand new KONE Monospace 13 person lifts which are available for use, and offer an energy efficient route to move around the building. In the unlikely event of an entrapment the alarm should be sounded in the lift or reception contacted should there be a breakdown.


At the heart of good estate management is communication. LSH will arrange occupier meetings on a quarterly basis to discuss and respond to occupiers requirements at McLellan Works, there will be more formal all-occupier meetings or one-on-one meetings to discuss individual matters. We always aim to have effective, constructive dialogue; and answer queries whether it is an item regarding a service or a provision within the lease.

In addition we have our Occupier portal ("OSP") which can be used for site communication and notifications, and as a portal for important documentation.

What is the tenants’ area of occupation?

The area ‘demised’ or leased to occupiers is usually shown in the lease, and therefore you will be responsible for that area. Demised areas generally includes:

Office area
Internal window
Lighting within the offices
Floor and ceiling voids
Security to that area including all entry doors

Office MW

What are ‘common part’ areas?

These are areas where there are shared services, which the property management team manage.

The first floor kitchenette and lobby area are there to be enjoyed by all occupiers, please mingle, enjoy, chat to someone new, and make use of the facility. Please then leave it looking just as welcoming for the next person.

Breakout MW

Service Charge Management

A service charge budget is produced by LSH as an estimate of the cost of the provision of the shared services for all maintenance and services at McLellan for the year. The budget is produced annually in advance and discussed and shared with all parties before being billed quarterly in advance., The costs are apportioned or split on a floor area basis so that each occupier pays towards those services which they receive the benefit in accordance with their lease. The landlord pays for any costs in relation to the void areas.

The budget is only a forecast of what we think it will cost to provide the services necessary to run the building; the final figure at the end of the budget year could be higher or lower.

At the end of the year, when total costs are known, the accounts are audited and either a credit note issued if the expenditure is under the budgeted sum or a charge is raised if actual expenditure exceeded the budget.

Pet Policy

We would love to welcome your pets to McLellan Works however ask that you inform Stacey at reception that they will be on site with you and help us with the following requests.

Pets must be house-trained

Pets are only permitted in non dog-friendly locations [please check with Insert Name] if they are service animals.

Pets are permitted only in private offices and are not allowed to roam around unsupervised. Pets must be kept on a lead in common areas.

If a pet is being disruptive, noisy, or destructive in any way, McLellan Works staff can ask the member to remove the pet from the space.

Alterations / Fit-out

Please contact LSH for further details as early as possible for guidance. Note that we are looking to ensure that our sustainable approach is adopted by occupiers in their fit-outs, alterations should not reduce the EPC performance of the building, materials should be recycling/reused in any application for alterations.

We encourage all tenants to investigate the use of remanufactured furnishings and fitout when planning their new spaces. Examples of what is available from Rype Office, specialist remanufacturers, can be seen in the Bywater Furniture and Fitout guide which is available on request. We can also introduce you to C2 Concepts who are based in Glasgow and can help you plan your space.