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Opportunistic, Hands-on
Asset Management

We have been active in the UK since 2002. However, in late 2005 we took a strategic decision to focus on investing in Poland. We perceived the UK markets to be overheating whereas Poland presented an opportunity for long-term growth. Our commitment was such that the Directors lived full-time in Warsaw for over 3 years.

Since 2009 we have seen value return to the UK market and are now investing in the UK and Ireland. We have undertaken recent transactions in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and are active in the Republic of Ireland. We continue to own and manage assets in Poland.

We generate value through our commitment to rigorous and hands-on management of our investments. We look for opportunities to add value through improving lease structures, tenant profiles, cost-recovery strategies, refurbishment and development opportunities.

"What’s your specialism?"

Our sponsor investors are retailers by background. They have an unique understanding of the sector as well as an unparalleled network of contacts and resources.

For this reason there is typically a core retail element to much of what we do be it active management of existing centres to development.

However, Bywater remains opportunistic and we work hard to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit; we’ve invested across all sectors, including making corporate and VC investments in start ups in related industries, and remain open to review and engage positively with any opportunity, particularly in joint venture with geographic or sector specialists.

Theo Michell, Principal